Pelvic Belts In Pregnancy

The Baby Belly Pelvic Support belt is THE BEST pelvic belt out there for pregnant women needing support around the pelvis to get through pregnancy more comfortably. 

These belts are designed by a Physio in Canada (the amazing Diane Lee) who understands how the whole body interacts AND the pelvic floor. She designed this belt to be comfortable to the pregnant body, to allow for 25 pounds of growth when correctly sized, and to allow for you to put the compressions straps wherever your pelvis needs. 

The fact that you can put the compression where your pelvis needs is unique to Diane’s pelvis belts and makes these belts infinitely more effective and comfortable than normal belts. 

In order to get significant relief from a pelvic belt we recommend an assessment by one of our physios first. The aim of a physio assessment would be to establish if your pelvis is the cause of your issues or if it is the victim of strains created by other areas in your body. Pelvic belts often get a bad rap because they’re used any time someone has pelvic pain – BUT it’s not always the pelvis’ fault that it’s hurting. Sometimes issues elsewhere in your body are causing issues to be created in your pelvis and therefore a pelvic belt is not going to be as effective in relieving your pain as it would be in someone who’s pelvis is creating all the issues (e.g. due to poor alignment).

Sydney Advanced Physio is one of very few Australian distributors of these pelvic belts and more have just arrived from Canada. So if you need a bit more support through your pregnancy you can come in and pick one up OR you can order one over the phone. 


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