With the wonders of technology our physios can guide you through a group class. The instructor will guide you through a range of exercises with variations that allow for people of different capabilities to work at a level that is challenging for them. We will be able to monitor your execution of these exercises and provide real time feedback.

You do not need any equipment to participate but if you have equipment like rollers, theraband, spikey balls etc the physio will help you use them. You can also use household items like a can of beans as a hand weight. Body weight exercises can be incredibly challenging even for high level athletes. We recommend bringing a pillow and a towel to these sessions.

Please see the class timetable for all scheduled classes. Scroll down to see a full description of the classes we are offering. If you have not had a class assessment but you would like to join our classes you need to book in for an online consultation or have an assessment in the clinic one on one with a physio first.

If you have an existing valid class pass with classes left on it we will transfer the value balance so that you can start your classes online. After that class passes will be purchasable in a pack of 5 or 10 and you will need to pay for them by direct bank transfer which needs to clear before you start your classes.

Classes will be charged at $25/class and need to be paid for in advance.

5 class pass: $125

10 class pass: $200 ($20/class)

Duration: 55 minutes

Class passes can be redeemed on any of our classes. Classes must have two or more participants in order to run.

To book classes please email


Class assessments for online classes:

If you have had a class assessment with one of our physios within the last year you will be able to join these classes if the Physio has cleared you to participate.

If you have recently delivered a child you we strongly recommend you are assessed in by one of our physios before you can join the classes. Please book a 1 hour online consultation.

If you haven’t yet had a class assessment and you would like to join our classes you will need to have a one on one consultation with one of our physios either in person or online.

If you need a class assessment review, or have had any recent surgeries or major injuries since your last review or class please book a 30 minute online consultation.

If you are pregnant you need to have provided a note (letter, email etc) from your GP or OBGYN that states you are medically well enough to participate before you can commence classes. This is a non-negotiable safety requirement for all classes regardless of if they are run in-person or online.

If the physios do not feel it is safe for you to participate in classes for any reason they will let you know. If the physio does not feel it is safe for you to participate in classes for any reason you will not be able to book in for further classes until you are cleared.

Please note that if you have online had an online class assessment and you then wish to begin in-clinic classes you will need to ensure that you have had an ultrasound and an in-person assessment with one of the physios within the last 12 months before you can join in-person classes. 


Booking classes:

In order for classes to run smoothly and for everyone to be safe we need to be sure you’ve been cleared by one of the physios to join in the fun. This means you will not be able to book yourself in online for group classes. You can book in online for private classes any time. All you need to do is book a 30 or 60 minute session.

To book in for group classes please email


Class Timetable:



Cost and Rebates:

At this time rebates are not generally available. You can call your healthfund to find out more information. If this changes we will look at adjusting our classes to ensure that people can use their health funds.

Classes will be charged at $25/class and need to be paid for in advance. Class passes can be redeemed for any class.

5 class pass: $125

10 class pass: $200 ($20/class)

Duration: 55 minutes


14/4/20 – Update for TeleHealth private consult rebates. Click on images below to expand.


What you need to know:

If your physio is unable to attend the session for any reason, such as illness, we will contact you as soon as possible and refund your consultation fee if it has already been paid. If the physio feels that TeleHealth is not the appropriate service for your issue you will be given a refund.

Please note that we reserve the right to immediately terminate the call if the nature of the call becomes inappropriate, offensive or abusive in any way. You will not receive a refund in this instance.

Please note this service is available to clients who are in Australia only. We cannot provide this service to clients based in other countries.


All classes are billed at the same price and online class passes are valid for all online classes. Payment MUST be received before any online consultation.


General Equipment Recommendations For All Classes:

  • Pillow
  • Towel
  • Weights: 2x tins of canned food, 2x water bottles as weights, or a bag of rice.
  • A chair for those with active pain or limited mobility

Please bring any equipment you have available. The more you have access to, the more challenging we can make the exercises. If you have foam rollers, spikey balls, theraband or any hand weights please bring them with you.