What we provide

– Full body biomechanical assessment
– Acute injury assessment and treatment
– Injury assessment and recovery programme
– Running assessments
– Post-op recovery
– Injury prevention
– Sports massage
– Rehabilitation aimed at optimising your function and performance
– Strength & Conditioning including assessment and programming

Full Body Biomechanical Assessments

Looking at your body as a whole unit gives you a much better idea of why things are breaking down, what needs to be changed and/or why you’re in pain now. We look at the way you use your body, the way you use your muscles, the way your joints move (or don’t move) and help you identify the changes you need to make to be better, stronger, faster.

Performing a full body biomechanical assessment also enables us to treat more complex cases. It helps us identify the underlying problem that is driving your pain or causing the feeling that your body just isn’t working the way you want it to.

Running Assessments

Performing a running assessment is a great way to improve your running technique and improve your efficiency. Running assessments can help prevent injuries before they take your off the road.

During an assessment, we’re looking for technique issues that may lead to joint or muscle overload – or may simply slow you down. We will assess you and then put together a plan to help you reach your goal time or goal distance.

Sports Physios

Our physios love working with sportsmen and women of all levels – including juniors who playing school sports.

Each of our physios has worked with patients from a huge variety of different sports including marathon runners, martial arts, ice skaters and weekend warriors. We also work with patients from golfers to competitive dragon boat teams to those participating in the occasional lawn bowls.

Min has gone through the extensive training process to become a specialised musculoskeletal titled physiotherapist. Bonnie has done extensive training and work with sports men and women, including specific extra study for golf related issues.

Our women’s health physio, Bonnie, has worked with large numbers of women looking to get back into sport after babies, or those wanting to continue their sport or exercise of choice without experiencing pelvic floor issues. For more information check out our women’s health page.

Sports Massage

Our amazing massage therapists are available to help you prepare for, or recover from a sporting event.

During the COVID crisis our priority is keeping you and our team as safe as possible while you’re in the clinic. This means we have made a number of adjustments. Our therapists are switching rooms after each treatment to allow time for the rooms to be thoroughly disinfected after each use. All common surfaces, pens etc are being disinfected after each use. Our treatment rooms at 8sqm and wherever possible we have staggered our treatment times to minimise the number of people crossing over in the waiting room.

Prior to entering the clinic we ask that you wash your hands in the bathrooms near the lift. We also ask that you call as early as possible to reschedule your appointment if you have recently travelled or are feeling unwell in anyway. Upon entering the clinic we will be temperature testing our clients before their session begins. You may be asked to wait for your therapist in a treatment room to maximise social distancing.

While we are normally a very child friendly clinic we ask at this time that you do not bring your children with you to the clinic for classes. We ask that for private sessions you only bring your child with you if they are an infant or they are dependent on you due to special needs, or if they are receiving treatment themselves. We understand that this can complicate things for some patients but we are trying to make the clinic environment as safe as possible for our staff and other community members. We appreciate your understanding and respect as this is a challenging time for everyone.